What is power inverter ? How does an inverter work ?

What is power inverter ? A power inverter is an electrical device that converts/changes direct current(DC) usually from batteries into alternating current (AC) to drive AC appliances such as electric lights, microwaves, power tools, TVs, kitchen appliances, radios, computers etc . The input DC voltage, output AC voltage and frequency, and overall power handling depend on […]

Find your must have power inverter for solar & hybrid systems

Since our outset, we’ve been kept being asked by customers about the ruggedness and toughness of Sigineer Power inverter chargers . And we’d like to elaborate why Sigineer power inverter is your must have power inverter for critical applications including solar & hybrid systems . Although there are other Chinese power inverters of similar boxes and seemingly close […]

Transfer Switch of Inverter Charger

While in the Standby Mode, the AC input of the inverter is continually monitored. Whenever AC power falls out of the trip voltages, the inverter automatically transfers back to the Invert Mode with minimum interruption to your appliances. The transfer from Standby mode to Inverter mode occurs in approximately 6 milliseconds, with the worst case […]

Rated Charging Amperage on Inverter Chargers

Sigineer Power’s inverter chargers are build with very strong battery chargers to recharge your batteries swiftly and safely. When you are using a generator to recharge the batteries, the charging capacity will go to peak in around 3 seconds, this may probably cause a generator to drop frequency, making inverter transfer to battery mode. It is […]

Power Inverter with Power Factor Correction Battery Charger (PFC Charger)

The Sigineer Power pure sine wave inverter/charger is equipped with an active PFC (Power Factor Corrected) multistage battery charger. The PFC feature is used to control the amount of power used to charge the batteries in order to obtain a power factor as close as possible to 1. Unlike other inverters whose max charging current […]

Inverter Soft Start and Overload Capacity

The Sigineer inverter chargers are designed with great overload capability and inverter soft start   Inverter Soft Start in Invert Mode The inverter is engineered with “Inverter Soft Start” feature. When the inverter is turned on, the output voltage gradually ramps up from 0VAC to rated voltage in about 1.2 sec. This effectively reduces otherwise […]

Invert Topology of Inverter Charger

All Sigineer Power transformer based inverter/chargers are is built according to the following topology. Invert: Full Bridge Topology. Charge: Isolated Boost Topology. It works bi-directionally: in one direction it converts DC power from the battery to AC power (Inverter Mode) and in the other direction it converts external AC power to DC power to charge […]

Inverter Charger with Automatic Voltage Regulation

Sigineer Power carries a whole line of inverter charger with automatic voltage regulation on the AC output. These models regulate the fluctuating AC input voltage  to a range of 230V/120V±10% and range from 1000 watts to 6000 watts.   It is not common to find on the market an inverter charter integrated with AVR. Our […]

5 DIP Switches Functionality Explaination

The 5 DIP Switches on Sigineer Power inverter chargers control inverters configurations including : 1 low battery voltage shutdown 2 AC input voltage range 3 Power saver mode / Unit Off Charging 4 output frequency switch of 50 or 60 Hz 5 AC/battery priority mode The battery priority mode prioritizes the DC over AC, which means […]

Power Inverter for Botswana and Zimbabwe Solar Power Systems

Power inverters are the critical  for solar power systems in Botswana and Zimbabwe which are frequently troubled by utility irregularities. Many communities in Botswana & Zimbabwe are without access to power, this will be changed by our affordable power solutions. We have a full range of power products working at Zimbabwe and Botswana’s 230Vac 50Hz electrical system. […]