Sigineer designs and manufactures a board selection of transformer based DC-AC pure sine wave inverter chargers available on the market today.
The TPP Series three phase inverter charger is our latest addition.
It uses field-proven, microprocessor controlled technology to deliver 3-Phase pure sine wave output voltage with continuous power ranging from 6,000 watts to 45,000 watts.
The TPP three phase inverter chargers operates from 48Vdc and delivers two line-to-line voltages at 50Hz or 60Hz: 208Vrms and 400Vrms.
The 3 phase AC output voltage can be customized to 220V, 380V, 415V at custom request.
The three phase inverters are constructed with three heavy-duty transformers and are great to drive three phase cooling fans,water pump, metal lathes, etc. Additional conformal coating and heavy ruggedizing can be offered for applications with high levels of vibration and high moisture.
Comprehensive electronic protection includes inrush surge current limiting, transformer isolation, output current limiting with short-circuit and thermal shutdown protection.
The three phase inverters are designed with 3 hotlines and 1 neutral 4 wire for Wye(Y) Connection (star configuration), it can be converted to Delta(Δ) configuration with the use of an external transformer.

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