The TPH Series 48V three phase inverter charger is a unique line of transformer based 3 phase inverter.

It uses field-proven, microprocessor controlled technology to deliver 3 phase pure sine wave output voltage with continuous power from 6,000 watts to 45,000 watts.
They uses MOSFET and converts low battery voltage of 48Vdc to 3 phase AC, this makes battery setup much easier and safer than its high voltage IGBT module based counterparts.

It delivers 50Hz or 60Hz power at two major line-to-line voltages: 208V rms and 400V rms.
The 3 phase AC output voltage can be customized to variations of 220V, 230V, 240V,or 380V, 415V at custom request.
The three phase inverter is constructed with three heavy-duty transformers and are great to drive 3-ph motor, A/C, cooling fans, compressors, water pump, metal lathes, etc.

It is a great choice for high power demand for off grid, commercial or residential systems.

The inverter can accept 100% imbalanced loads on each of its single phases.
The conformal coating and heavy-duty design fit applications with high levels of vibration and high moisture.
The comprehensive electronic protection includes inrush surge current limiting, transformer isolation, output current limiting with short-circuit and thermal shutdown protection.

The three phase inverter is designed with 3 hotlines and 1 neutral 4 wire for Wye(Y) Connection (star configuration), it can be converted to Delta(Δ) configuration with the use of an external transformer.


Sigineer TPH Three Phase Inverter Charger Model List

Model #Rated PowerDC InputAC InputAC OutputBattery Charger
TPH6048NC6000 W48 Vdc208Vac120/208Vac60A
TPH12048NC12000 W48 Vdc208Vac120/208Vac120A
TPH18024NC18000 W24 Vdc208Vac120/208Vac300A
TPH18048NC18000 W48 Vdc208Vac120/208Vac150A
TPH6048E6000 W48 Vdc400Vac230/400Vac60A
TPH12048E12000 W48 Vdc400Vac230/400Vac120A
TPH18048E18000 W48 Vdc400Vac230/400Vac150A
TPH24048E24000 W48 Vdc400Vac230/400Vac240A
TPH30048E30000 W48 Vdc400Vac230/400Vac300A
TPH36048E36000 W48 Vdc400Vac230/400Vac360A
TPH45048E45000 W48 Vdc400Vac230/400Vac450A