Sigineer Power provides a full range of power inverters for off grid renewable energy systems such solar,wind turbine, hydro systems etc.
There are three types of inverters.
1 Transformer based off grid inverter charger from 600 watt to 12,000 watts.
2 Transformerless hybrid on & off grid inverter with battey backup capability
3 Mirco solar grid tie inverter from 300W to 1200 watt

These models are warmly received by numerous solar installers thanks to their high efficiency and streightforward design which simplifis installation. With stronge engineering, we are able to design our inverters based on the incoming feedbacks.

Our micro grid tie inverters are great for solar systems up to 1200 watts and come with life long warranty.

The OEM version of some of these above inverters are ETL listed to UL 1741 standards and CSA 22.2.
We also manufacture ETL listed inverters, including our 8000 watt and 12,000 watt 48 volt to 120 240Vac pure sine inverter chargers which are designed specifically for residential and commercial off grid power systems.

Listed below are the most popular inverters for solar installers:

On Off Grid Inverter China PV Inverter 3KW 48V to 220V 230V Solar Hybrid System – Model#:3KHD
300W 110 120Vac Solar micro grid tie inverter – Model#:WVC300-120VAC
6,000 Watt pure sine inverter charger – 24 volt to 120 / 240vac – Model#:APC6024D
12,000 watt pure sine inverter charger – 48 volt to 120 / 240vac – Model#:HP12048D

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