The commercial DC to AC power conversion solutions offered by Sigineer includes chargers/inverters, exceptional inverters, mobile business applications that include corporate fleets, marine, RV and trucks. It also covers the utilities segment and offers renewable energy applications. The company also offer export power inverters and DC to AC power inverters.

The off-grid power inverters that we offer survive the harsh climatic conditions and make use of only highest quality components.

Sigineer aims to create power inverter solutions of world-class quality for commercial, communication, green energy applications and industrial market segments. The off grid solar inverters offered are apt for usage in rural electrification projects, suburban homes, village micro-grids, remote off-grid cabins and survive the harsh environmental conditions. Sigineer possesses the technical know-how and the engineering expertise in diagnosing and solving in a timely fashion even the most
The dc power inverters that we offer are suitable to be installed in emergency and utility vehicles, heavy-duty trucks and automobiles, recreational vehicles and boats, alternative energy systems. The inverters can also be employed as portable power system.

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