Solar Inverter

Sigineer Power carries two types of off grid solar inverter with mppt charger:
1 transformer based ones from 4KW to 12KW
2 transformerless high frequency solar inverter from 3KW to 5KW.
These models of solar inverter with mppt charger up to 120A amp, and wide PV input of 450Vdc.
The high frequency models are stackable up to 6 pcs , capable of forming three phase or expanding system power.
The transformer basked 4-12Kw ones are built with 300% surge power for 5 seconds.
Their BMS port supports Canbus & Modbus interface with compatible storage systems (lithium-ion batteries, etc. with the sample protocol.)
Our software is powerful and versatile, the user can make a host computer program to communicate with our inverter via the USB port and change the inverter setting in the software, or use a remote wifi/GPRS module to monitor the inverter on the mobile phone APP.

Off Grid Solar Inverter Model List

Model #PowerDC InputAC OutputCharger
PV VocFeature
M3024NC3000 W24 Vdc120 Vac60A+80A PV150VStackable
M3048NC3000 W48 Vdc120 Vac40A+80A PV150VStackable
M3048BP3000 W48 Vdc120 Vac40A+80A PV250VStackable, Batteryless, Charger Timer
M5000H-48BP5000 W48 Vdc220 Vac80A+100A PV450VStackable, Batteryless, Charger Timer
N5048NC5000 W48 Vdc120 Vac40A+80A PV450V
M6048D6000 W48 Vdc120/240 Vac60A+80A PV250V
M12048D12000 W48 Vdc120/240 Vac100A+120A PV250V