Sigineer Power’s wide line of power inverters is a great option to meet fleet and heavy duty work truck power needs.

All our inverter chargers are built with Auto Gen Start and they are an extraordinary alternative to generators or can be utilized to work together with them. The inverter can turn on the generator when battery voltage is low and minimize the operation and noise of it. The UL458 pure sine inverter chargers give consistent power. These UL listed inverter chargers from 1000 watts up to 3000 watts with hard wire AC terminal block and a dual plug GFCI output.

We comprehend the demand of these truckers and know the inverters must be super reliable and safe, avoiding any down time when shore power is not accessible for them. No matter whether it’s an industrial grade inverter charger to drive big loads from an auxiliary battery bank or a smaller inverter to charge mobile phones, portable PCs or little apparatuses, Sigineer has the right inverter for you.

Another popular inverter line for fleets and heavy duty work trucks is our pure sine power inverters without battery charger. These inverters are ideal for applications that simply require simple clean power. These power inverter supports on/off remote switch.

Sigineer power also carries stackable modified sine power inverters, these inverters built with 200% surge and parallel capability and are perfect for applications /machines that don’t require an require sine wave.

We offer free technical support for our heavy duty work truck and fleet clients and are able to tailor a system to the work truck’s power needs.

Listed below are our most popular inverters for power systems in work truck and fleet.

1000 watt stackable high freq pure sine power inverter 12Vdc to 120V – Model#:OPS1012NC
1500 watt UL458 pure sine inverter charger 12V to 120V – Model#:UL1512NC
2500 watt stackable modified sine power inverter 24V to 110 120V – Model#:MSW2524NC
4000 watt pure sine inverter charger 12V to 120V – Model#:APC4012NC
4000 watt pure sine inverter charger 12V to 120V / 240V split phase – Model#:APC4012D

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