Sigineer offers LiFePO4 battery powerwalls with capacity ranging from 50AH to 200AH.
There are two DC voltages: 15S 48Vdc and 16S 51.2Vdc.
These LiFePO4 battery packs can be stacked up to 16 pcs to increase capacity.
Each Lithium-Ion Phosphate Battery pack is built with sophisticated BMS with charge and discharge current at 100 amps.
The BMS can communication with Sigineer’s HPV series off grid solar inverter chargers with popular models of

HPV 6Kw 48V 120/240Vac with 80A MPPT Solar charger.

These lithium powerwalls work great for applications such as Solar Energy Storage System, UPS systems, communication base stations, home back up etc.

They meet UN38.3 for transportation.

We also have some unbeatable powerwalls built with reclaimed BYD EV cells. All these cells are fully tested under stringent standards for resistance, capacity and voltages, and selected with great consistency. These powerwalls come with 1 year warranty.

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