I have been working together with the Sigineer sales and engineer team for 2 years now to come up with the Best and latest ALL CURRENT COMBINATION inverter chargers to use in our Portable Solar Generators and Power Wall packages. Sigineer has been incredible to work with and to get mine and their ideas into the best inverter chargers out there. The company does all our OEM logos and packaging at a fair and competitive price for us without any hassles, excuses or delays and they do it very quickly! Sigineer supplies all our current ACC-Tesla model inverter chargers for lithium and LifePo4 battery packs. The team is quick to respond with ANY questions I or my staff may have and their customer and product support is the best I've seen since I've been in the business over the past 15 years. Shipping is fast, precise and always ahead of schedule! You can't go wrong with Sigineer inverters!

Wes Kallas

Rated 5 out of 5
We have worked with the Sigineer Power team for over two years now.  They have absolutely created the most powerful line of true sine wave inverters available in this price range and show an attention to detail, quality and durability unusual in the industry. They have been very responsive in adapting their products to the ever-changing environment of solar applications and particularly in our case to accommodating the use of Tesla Model S battery modules and AC coupling for charging.  Bravo Team Sigineer!

Jack Rickard

Rated 5 out of 5
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