AGS for M series Solar Inverters

AGS for M Series Solar Inverters

The M series solar inverter is built with a very versatile 3-pin AGS dry contact that works differently from the PSW7, APC, HP inverters.

The internal relays of the dry contact will give out either “close” or “open” signal.

There is one dry contact (3A/250VAC) available on the rear panel. It could be used to deliver a momentary signal to the generator when battery voltage reaches low warning level.

For example, if you need a momentary close signal, the dry contact will close at a preset voltage to start the generator, once the generator AC output power is detected, the dry contact pins will open to avoid constantly keeping the ignition parts closed.

The wiring between the generator and the inverter (only certain generators can follow the wiring diagram shown below, please consult with your generator supplier if you have questions.)

Unit Status Condition NC & C C & NO
Power Off Unit off. Close Open
Power On Output is off (Error Triggered) Close Open
Battery Voltage Below Low Alarm Open Close
AC Input Detected Close Open
M AGS wiring diagram

M AGS wiring diagram

For Low battery alarm, when Battery setting is not in “LI” mode, it is Low DC Cut-off Voltage +2Vdc .

When the battery setting is in “LI” mode, it is Battery SOC < Low DC Cut-off Soc +5%

Note: This diagram only works for certain types of generators. For your specific generator wiring, pls contact the generator supplier or us for wiring.



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