UL Listed Inverter Charger

UL Listed Inverter Charger ( UL458 / UL 1741 / CSA C22.2)


Being an OEM ODM power inverter supplier, Sigineer Power manufactures UL listed inverter charger to UL458 or UL 1741 under our customer brands, currently Sigineer Power doesn’t carry any UL listed inverter charger under its own name.
These UL listed inverter charger models include 1500 watt 12v to 120 Vac, 2000 watt 12 volt 120 Vac , 3000 watt 12 volt 120 Vac listed to ul458 and 12000 watt 48V to 120/240V split phase inverter charger compliant with UL 1741.
All these UL listed inverter charger are built with very efficient transformers which reduce idle consumption, THD and increase peak DC to AC conversion power efficiency.

The powerful 120 Amp multistage battery charger works well for basically all mainstream batteries on market including Lead Acid, GEL and lithium batteries etc.
They also come with a 12Vdc remote on/off switch for mobile applications such as utility work truck.

These UL listed inverter chargers are great for your RV, they are easy to install into your RV power system, and are reliable replacements for failed inverters.

They are also excellent for emergency backup power, they are suited for backing up sump pumps to keep your basements dry or supplying backup power for your home in the event of a power outage.
With our emergency inverter charger, you can enjoy the joy of being the light of your neighborhood when a storm or hurricane strikes.

Find our more about the difference between UL458 and UL 1741 .
Apart from UL458 and UL1741, we also have some inverters that conform to  CSA 22.2, CE, SONCAP, TUV, ETL .

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