Inverter Charger with Automatic Voltage Regulation

Sigineer Power carries a whole line of inverter charger with automatic voltage regulation on the AC output.
These models regulate the fluctuating AC input voltage  to a range of 230V/120V±10% and range from 1000 watts to 6000 watts.


It is not common to find on the market an inverter charter integrated with AVR.
Our standard inverter chargers are without AVR, they simply bypass the AC input to power the loads.

While the inverters built with Automatic Voltage Regulation will regulate the fluctuating AC input voltage  to a range of 230V/120V±10%, preventing your equipments from suffering from voltage fluctuations.

The 230Vac models regulates an AC input voltage from 150-276Vac to 230Vac ±10%.

The 120Vac models regulates an AC input voltage from 78-144Vac to 120Vac ±10%.

In case the AC input voltage keeps dropping or rising beyond the range, the inverter will transfer to batteries to offer you stable AC output.
Connected with batteries, the inverter charger will function as a home UPS and relay type AVR with max transfer time of 10 ms.
With all the unique features and top quality minded design, the inverter brings you long-term trouble free operation beyond your expectation.
AVR Function Introduction

Nominal Input Voltages (Vac) 100 110 120 220 230 240
Acceptable Input Voltage Range (Vac) 0-160 0-300
(A) Line low loss N/W (On battery) 75/65 84/72 92/78 168/143 176/150 183/156
(B) Line Low comeback N/W (On Boost) 80/70 89/77 97/83 178/153 186/160 193/166
(C) Line 2nd boost threshold (On Boost) ** ** ** ** ** **
(D) Line 2nd boost comeback (On normal) ** ** ** ** ** **
(E) Line 1st boost threshold (On Boost) 90 99 108 198 207 216
(F) Line 1st boost comeback (On normal) 93 103 112 205 215 225
(G) Line buck comeback (On Normal) 106 118 128 235 246 256
(H) Line buck threshold (On Buck) 110 121 132 242 253 264
(I) Line high comeback (On Buck) 115 127 139 253 266 278
(J) Line high loss (On Battery) 120 132 144 263 276 288


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