Find your must have power inverter for solar & hybrid systems

Since our outset, we’ve been kept being asked by customers about the ruggedness and toughness of Sigineer Power inverter chargers .
And we’d like to elaborate why Sigineer power inverter is your must have power inverter for critical applications including solar & hybrid systems .

Although there are other Chinese power inverters of similar boxes and seemingly close electrical specifications on the market, the difference between our inverters runs deep.
Here are the 4 top reasons of choosing Sigineer:

1 Listing & Certificates
Sigineer Power is professional inverter charger manufacturer founded by industry experts. Our factory is offering private label/ OEM, with many inverter models UL458, UL 1741 & ETL listed under customer brands.
These certificates are a must for power inverters into North American market.
UL is one of the most stringent standards for power inverters in the world.
Actually for optimum performance and reliability, Sigineer Power builds all our standard models with quality UL listed components such as UL listed MOSFESTS, capacitors, relays, cables and H class transformer etc.
As far as we know, most of our Chinese competitors have very limited experience or simply lack the necessary knowhow of UL or ETL listings.
Apart from UL, Sigineer Power’s inverters are certificated to CE and built with SONCAP for customers in Nigeria.

2 Defective Rates & Customer Service
Sigineer Power’s inverters are 100% tested before shipment, and are 100% functional when landed in full container.
The defective rate in the first year is under 0.5%.
In additional to our standard 1 year warranty, we give out 5 year warranty for our ETL, UL1741 or UL458 listed inverters.
Our engineers are highly responsive, they are not only capable of communicating with customers for emergency troubleshooting, but also attending international telephone conference about product development and certification.

3 Efficiency, Idle & THD
Sigineer Power’s inverters are designed with optimum efficiency of 92%, 1% idle consumption and 3% THD which is overwelmingly superior to the competing Chinese power inverters. You must power inverters from us to find out these nitty gritties.

4 Exclusive Models Of Sigineer Power
Sigineer Power carries some unique transformer based models in this industry such as the

220V 50Hz Inverter Chargers 300+300
4KW 12Vdc inverter chargers
6KW 48Vdc 120Vac inverter charger
5KW 12Vdc inverter charger



8K48V Inverter Charger 300+300W 24Vdc inverter charger

If you are trying to get as much power as possible from your 12Vdc battery bank, our 4KW 12Vdc inverter chargers is a must own power inverter for you.

None of our Chinese competitors are able to offer these models till now.

5 Competitive Prices


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