8000 Watt 10KVA 24VDC to 220V 230V Solar Power Inverter Charger 100A Battery Charger – HPV Series

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Model #: HPV802480E Click to view the whole line.

This 10KVA inverter is an incomparable model. It works at 24Vdc battery bank and delivers a nominal real power of 8000 watts with 24,000 watts surge power for 20 seconds.

No other transformer based 10KVA inverter on the market is designed with such a low input voltage.

The inverter is a combination of power inverter, battery charger, automatic transfer switch and MPPT solar charger controller.

Features include 300% surge output, DC/AC priority switch, overload, short circuit, over-temperature, under & over voltage protections. VIEW FULL DESCRIPTION