Solar Pump Inverter

Sigineer Power is a professional solar pump inverter manufacturer in China.

A solar pumping system includes solar panels, a solar pump inverter and a pump.

The solar water pump inverter is built-in with MPPT solar charger to maximize solar power production, it converts DC current into alternating current(three phase or single phase 220v ) to driver asynchronous motors such as water pumps (centrifugal pump, irrigation pump, deep well water pump, swimming pool pump, etc.)

An induction motor or asynchronous motor is an AC electric motor that can work in a wide range of frequency.

The solar pump inverter power ranges from 1.5KW to 22KW with AC output voltage at 220Vac(3PH), 380Vac(3PH), 220Vac(single phase).

The pump controller is built with variable frequency drive (VFD) technology to adjust the motor frequency from 0 to maximum according to the solar radiation.

The 1.5KW to 5KW models also work with AC input so that the pumps can automatically start with AC power when PV production is insufficient.

It starts and stops automatically to reduce maintenance costs.

Its powerful software allows users to customize the specifications such as motor rotate speed.

The built MPPT solar charger have very wide PV input, with PV Voc of 450V for 1.5KW and 2.2KW models, and PV Voc of 900V for 3-13KW ones.

The WELL port will work with water level sensors in the well and tank to avoid flooding and exhausting.

The GPRS port works with our GPRS module for remote monitoring.


  • Advanced MPPT algorithm, max efficiency up to 99%
  • IP65 grade waterproof, fanless design for outdoor applications
  • AC input capability for operation at night(Available on 1.5KW to 5KW models)
  • Wide PV input range of 450Vdc and 900Vdc, flexible system configuration.
  • Soft start for motors with water level sensing
  • User-friendly LCD to display real-time system status
  • Remote monitor and control by GPRS

Solar Pump Inverter Model List

MODEL #PowerPV VocAC OutputPump Power
P2.2KST2.2KW450Vdc 220V single/ 3 phase2HP
P4KST4KW450Vdc 220V single/ 3 phase4HP
P7.5KT37.5KW900Vdc 220/380V 3 phase6HP
P11KT311KW900Vdc 220/380V 3 phase8HP