96V Inverter Charger

Sigineer carries two dc to ac 96v inverter chargers rated at 15000 watts.

The 15KVA inverters output pure sine wave power.

The HP15048D converts 96Vdc to 120/240vac split phase at 60hz and 62.5hz for North American markets.

The HP15048E converts 96Vdc to 220V 230V single phase at 50hz and 52.5hz for Asian, African and European markets.

For the two 96v inverter chargers, the wide input voltage ranges from 72V to 128Vdc.

Apart from the regular batteries settings for lead acid and GEL batteries, they are built with 3 special algorithms to work with Tesla Model 3 and Model S lithium-ion battery modules.

15KW 96V Inverter Battery Type Selector 7, 8, 9 Voltage Setting

Battery Type Selector 789
Low Battery Voltage Alarm(SW1@0) 75V81V74V
Low Battery Voltage Cutoff(SW1 @0)73.6V80V72V
Low Battery Voltage Alarm(SW1 @1)79V85V78V
Low Battery Voltage Cutoff(SW1 @1)77.6V84V76V
Battery Charger Cutoff89V98V96V
High Battery Voltage Alarm94V 103V101V
High Battery Voltage Cutoff96V105V102V

The 96v inverter charger is not our regular model, it is made to order, welcome to preorder it.