220V 230V 50Hz Single Phase Inverter Charger
Power Inverters are widely used in applications where DC to AC conversion is need.
Sigineer Power’s selection of 220V 230V single phase inverter chargers goes from 600 watts to 12,000 watts.
These 220V export power inverters are designed for Asian, South American, African, European, Australian and Nigeria markets where the rated power voltage is 220Vac 50Hz.
There are three battery input voltages: 12 volt DC input, 24 volt DC input, 48 volt DC input .
There are a few variations in the AC output voltage of 220v power inverters: 220Vac, 230Vac and 240Vac.
The 240Vac output is specifically for Australian and New Zealand markets where the nominal power voltage is 240Vac.
These 220v single phase inverter chargers can work both as a standard off grid solar power inverter or an line interactive UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply).
There are two operation modes: AC priority mode and solar priority mode.
In AC mode, the inverter utilizes shore power or generator power to charge batteries and transfer the power out to applications using the built-in transfer switch. If the AC power is unavailable, the 220v inverter charger transfers the loads to battery bank and becomes a true UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), a great feature for emergency situations and natural disasters.
In solar priority mode, they utilize power in the following sequence: solar, battery and AC power.
This line of 220V inverter charger is built with an Auto Generator Start feature that automatically starts a backup generator in the event of low battery voltage.
The 220V inverter charger has a diagnostics LCD screen on board or supports a remote LCD control panel. The LCD shows system status with abnormality alarms, giving you ease to locate the issue and troubleshoot.
The whole line of house inverters are with Auto Frequency Detection, it automatically switches the the output power frequency to either 50hz or 60hz based on the input AC frequency from grid-power or generator.
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