Low frequency power inverters got the name of “low frequency” because they use high speed power transistors to invert the DC to AC, but drive transistors at the same frequency (60 Hz or 50Hz) as the AC sine wave output.
High frequency power inverters typically drive the transistors at a high frequency closer to 50 KHz or higher.
When delivering the same amount of power, for example, the 6KW low frequency inverter transformer outputs more power at each cycle, so it is required to work harder, resulting in larger and heavier transformer and package.
In contrary, a 6Kw high frequency inverter delivers less power at each cycle, allowing for a smaller and lighter transformer and package.
But the compact design comes with a price.
With its smaller transformer, high frequency inverters typically surge at a lower rate, and/or for shorter periods of time than its low frequency counterparts.
With the new technologies implemented on power inverters, a low frequency inverter can now match or even outpace high frequency in idle consumption and max THD.

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