Why Inverter Overload Capability Matters So Much For Inductive Loads?

In areas, where power cut has become almost a thing of daily happening, people are looking for alternatives like power inverters to get their AC devices working from DC sources such as batteries and solar panels. They buy inverters that can support their refrigerator, water motor, television, air compressor, and air conditioner. However, sometimes, their inverters failed in driving up the loads within their rated power.

Why? Because most inductive loads present a surge startup power much higher than the rated power, this high inrush current triggers the premature overload protection.

Actually, many inductive appliances like refrigerator, air conditioner, and water pump need high surge power for a few seconds (from 5 to 10 seconds) at startup, so it is critical for a power inverter to be rugged enough to handle the rush.

Interestingly, few appliance manufacturer provides the details regarding the power required in the starting. It is not like that they want to hide this detail from you; they do not provide this detail since electrical supply in your home is able to facilitate quick starting surge. To find out the surge, you can do this in two ways – one, physically with an inrush meter; two, check out with the appliance manufacturer.

How can you minimize inverter overloads?

You no longer have this headache of premature overload shutdown with Sigineer Power’s transformer based inverter charger which delivers 300% surge for 20 seconds.

You must have an ultimate power inverter, a power inverter that is built of ultimate quality and that is rugged enough to cope up with the starting power surge. Exactly, the same I would say – get an inverter that is either oversized and over-capable. It would be better to reach a trustworthy inverter company with good market repute. If you are form the Philippines, it will help to select some power inverter Philippines developed with features specifically for Pilipino markets.

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